Maestro Ennio Morricone (IT)


Under My Spell (AT, HU, CZ)


Vivamusica! festival (SK)


A good photographer is a key “utensil” for a concert promoter.  The music flows in time and even the greatest emotions in a concert gets forgotten after a certain time. Especially nowadays, when there are so many quality live productions going on everywhere. One of the means to capture the emotion of the artist, the public, the venue – is a photo.

Zdenko Hanout is one of the rare photographers who makes not only a technical shot of the concert, but who actually captures the art of the moment.  Zdenko is an artist himself and that is certainly why he is able to pass the magic of the music through a photo.  His work is always true, honest and emotional.”

Matej Drlička, director of the International Music Festival Viva Musica!

Skalar Entertainment (AT)


Zdenko is one the most creative photographers our company ever worked with. His view through the pictures brings the real atmosphere from our event to any other place in the world. We organise more than 400 events every year, Zdenko makes pictures of the most important concerts and festivals. Highly recommend!”

Tomáš Holetz, Promotion manager for Slovakia and Czech republic, Skalar Entertainment

 Colours of Ostrava festival (CZ)


“Hereby, I express my full recommendation of services of the photographer Zdenko Hanout. Colours of Ostrava International Music Festival has been cooperating with him since several years. His photos of musicians and festival atmosphere are of great quality, each time captivating the heart of the performance. Also, he is very cooperative and flexible when dealing with us as a festival and with respecting all the artists’ conditions and restrictions.”

Jiří Sedlák, Head PR Colours of Ostrava Festival

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