Colours of Ostrava 2017 in photographs

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I had been taken photographs of music festival Colours of Ostrava already for several years before and every time, festival can still suprise me pleasantly. Unique industrial area of Dolní Vitkovice, which is every year beeing transformed into multigenre area for young and also older people, is full of inspiration for me. This year I was there as a official festival photographer. Preparation was careful – good shoes, scarf and notebook for fast photography postprocess and festival could start. Enjoy the photos.


I arrived to Ostrava already on Sunday, a few days before the festival officialy started. It was very interesting to see, how the area, which is going to be full of thousands of fans of quality music, is changing right in the front of my eyes. On the following photographs, you can see, how it looks like before the festival gates were opened..

Day ONE – Imagine Dragons, alt-J, Birdy, Melt Yourself Down, Billy Barman

To me, festival started by the press conference, where took part Zlata Holušová – director of the festival, Antonín Parma – director of Meltingpot forum, Daniel Sonic Rojas – dancer and Lenka Moravkova with the demonstration of unique music instrument Bohemian Cristal Baschet. Then the festival gates opened. First concert of Billy Barman, then shooting of official festival opening in the front of thousands of people and concerts of Birdy, Melt Yourself Down, alt-J and phenomenal Imagine Dragons (for me one of the best concerts of this year’s festival). More you can see in the photographs…



Day TWO … Norah Jones, Michael Kiwanuka, LP, Unkle, Faada Freddy

My next working day started by the meeting with very charismatic, positively tuned and talented signer LP. Then I was taking photograps of her concert, did photos postproduction (the same as after each concert), spoke a few words with Michael Kiwankuka in backstage and next shootings followed. On that day, you could see also Norah Jones (I would grant her more intimate venue probably), for me, big surprise of the day was Faada Freddy and the main stage was closed by electronic Unkle.


I made a short video to show you, how it looked like in the photopit of Colours of Ostrava. You can see, that it is not always easy for the photographers take pictures. Very narrow area, lots of people and usually only three songs to take photos which you can see after the festival.

Day THREE … Moderat, Midnight Oil, St Paul and The Broken Bones, Walking On Cars, Benjamine Clementine, Michal Hruza & Janacek philharmony of Ostrava

Michal Hruza with Janacek philharmony of Ostrava opened the third day of the festival on the main stage, where I had been already trying to find the right moments and composition for the interesting photos. Afternoon, I was looking forward to St Paul and the Broken Bones, inconspicuous man who made really cool show. Then followed by shooting of music groups Walking on Cars, extravagant singer Benjamine Clementine, music legends Midnight Oil and ear membranes delighted also Moderat, who made highly-developed visual show.


BACKSTAGE my teammate and great photographer Matyáš Theuer

Day FOUR … Jamiroquai, Afro Celt Sound System, Justice, Booka Shade, Laura Mvula, The Carny Villains, Throes + The Shine

What I didn’t mentioned before was almost ideal summer wheather during the whole festival. Sun was shining during the days and in the evenings we were faned by the warm wind. Only the last day a thunderstorm went over the Ostrava and regarding the safety rulez a few concerts were delayed. But at the end, everything went well and all the interprets like Laura Mvula, Jamiroquai, Afro Celt Sound System, Justice, Booka Shade and also many other interesting interprets performed.


Photo: Matyáš Theuer

It was very interesting and inspirative evening for me for many reasons. One of them was, that I had an opportunity to talk with the leader of JamiroquaiJay Kay in the backstage and also with his great percussionist Sola Akingbola, who performs with the group since 1994. We had a nice talk about music and photography. I feel very thankful for those interesting meetings and hope to meet them again sometime soon.

Sola Akingbola (s Jamiroquai v backstage)

At the end –  last, but not least, I would like to thank a lot to all Colours of Ostrava Team. For the great sound, professional cooperation, for the opportunity they gave me to be this year’s official photographer of this unique multigenre festival. For the support and trust into my work. For the possibility to bring you photograps, together with my great colleague Matyas. Show you our view on the festival and bring you photographs which you could already saw online on social media during the festival days and next on the following days.

I believe, that you like my selection of photos and I will be grateful for any feedback from you / comment / message regarding photos or will share your nice experiences from the festival 🙂

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